Copywriting for business

Copywriting is written text designed to engage, inform, persuade authentically to gain trust and sales.

Writing copy for websites will include keywords and phrases for search engine optimisation.

Writers use words and phrases to capture attention that leads to a marketing goals such as increase email sign ups.

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Types of Copywriting

  • Website content
  • Landing page
  • Blogs
  • ebooks
  • Emails
  • Product descriptions
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Advertising
  • Videos


Copywriting prices depends on the project requirements. Please contact us with a request for a proposal.

Why use us?

We create a copywriting package to suit your business needs. Here are some examples of some of our projects.

  1. Write blog articles for the business
  2. Write topical blog posts
  3. Product descriptions
  4. Website content
  5. Email marketing campaigns