Website Development

We use Content Management Systems because they offer the flexibility and functionality to create great websites but some projects require additional development.

Additional website development includes coding and programming for specific functionality above the normal website features. The behind the scenes development for specific functionality.

With a HTML/Javascript programming diploma and 7 years of experience we can meet the needs of our clients but also have experts that can be pulled into projects when required.

There are integrations with other websites such as or Mailchimp that requires additional coding. Integrating payment solutions with Barclays systems requires additional coding and adding features such as Webinars to the website.

Advanced website features

Advanced website options requires a degree of website development.


Ensuring you website is accessible to blind people means an element of programming but it is possible

Integrations with other systems

Connecting the website with other services often requires coding such as pulling mailchimp newsletters to the website

HTML/Javascript coding

A basic website can be enhanced with extra HTML/Javascript and CSS coding by our experts


A client came to us with an existing website but required a paid online training course facility.

We researched and found Webinar Ignition that gave a lot of options for someone selling live and pre recorded webinars.

Webinar Ignition