Researching website design for children to capture their interest, enthusiasm and engagement whilst also creating a very nurturing and encouraging online children’s community.

Children are quite tech savvy so the site needs to be quick, easy to use and fun. The top priority for the site is online Safety of the children using it, so all users will need to be vetted to play and interact with others.

Content must be useful, up to date, educational and interesting for minds that have a short attention span.


Design for ages 9 to 14 years

The website will be created for children between the ages of 9 and 14 years and the children will be based anywhere in the Dorset region. The website will be promoted to Schools and parents mostly online so SEO will be included.

1 – Colours and overall design

kids website design

Bright and bold colours to capture the childs interest and engagement. The key word here is ‘fun’ so link bright reds, blues, yellow, greens and purples i.e. colours of the rainbow.

Choose a nice patterned backround or use an suitable apt image i.e. animals if this is the website content.


2 – Good use of Graphics

kids website graphics

Graphics will be the key to the ‘fun’ element and the cartoon characters above are quite a cool way to draw them in.


3 – Animation


Kids animation

There are some excellent animations to purchase for your website. Here is a flower blooming which is rather lovely.


4 – Sound


Audio Fun Background

Audio childrens music

Background music is not something I would add to an adult site but it is certainly a feature that would work well on a children’s website. Here are 2 examples above with nice melodies.


5 – Using animated Videos

Kids website video

Animated videos are very cool for younger children but maybe not so much for the over 11’s. There are host of videos you can find on Video Hive or YouTube Channels just for kids.

6 – Funky Buttons

Nice bold fun animated graphic buttons will get the kids using the site proactively.

7 – Games and Activities

There maybe an expectation that the website will offer games. There are a host of Gaming Apps that you can promote for the kids but you could create some fun quizes using Gravity Forms or a WordPress plugin.

8 – Educational Content

The aim of most kids websites will be to offer tutorials and information and even if the website is geared towards games, there is still an opportunity to add some useful content they can learn from even if its links to

9 – Be encouraging and positive – upbeat

The website must have a positive upbeat tone, be very encouraging and celebrate the childs interaction with the website.


10 – Security Features

Above all this age group needs parental consent. We do not want unknown users interacting with our child members.

Gain a parental email for the authority to contact and interact with the child under the GDPR rules.

I will probably create a Safety or Report button they can use if they feel unsafe to report any potential unwanted intruders.



There are lots of unique elements to a child website that makes this project a lot of fun. Working with new elements such as Audio and animation is not usually in a website brief.

Bold Bright and Entertaining







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