Effective websites with limited downtime and 24/7 technical support plus cloud hosting ensures your website is super fast, bullet proof and ticks all the boxes for Google Search Engines.

    We have spent time researching different hosting providers for price, reliability, server quality, additional extras and technical support. A website that goes down costs business money and a website that is hacked can be catastrophic.




  • Mail

    • Webmail – check emails online
    • Add and delete email addresses
    • Change passwords
    • Spam Assassin
  • Metrics and reports

    • Traffic data
    • Access Logs
    • Error reports
  • Domain Management

    • Domain redirects
    • Sub-domains
    • Park Domains
    • File Manager

Cloud Hosting

  • Performance

    • Web pages load quicker
    • Reduce connections
    • Caching local objects
    • Saves 20% file size
  • Security

    • Automatically detects threats
    • Different security settings options
    • Threat reports
  • Metrics and Reports

    • Provides unique report data on traffic
    • Clean and easy to understand
    • Used to sell advertising


  • Website Security

    • User Login Security
    • User Account Security
    • System File Security
    • Database Security
  • Firewall

    • Firewall setup
    • IP blacklist
    • Error reports
  • Security help and support

    • We monitor your site
    • We take action
    • Technical support 24/7
    • File Manager

Green Hosting

Sustainable Hosting

Our Hosting is powered 100% by renewable energy

We make it our policy to make good sustainable business decisions where ever possible. Our data centres use wind to power to power the servers and there is also a carbon offsetting program to ensure minimal impact to the environment from our business.




Maintaining your website

Websites require regular monitoring and maintenance as CMS and features are constantly being improved and updated. As part of your hosting service we will ensure your website is checke, maintained and kept up to date with all the latest updates and developments.


Keeping backups

As a standard procedure all our hosted websites are backed up regularly to ensure any event can be rectified with a current backup.

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