How to configure an email account in Outlook 2000

Here are some instructions for setting up email account in Outlook 2000. You’ll be able to send/receive emails to/from that new email account from here.

If you do not use Outlook then the same settings will apply if you are using Mozilla Thunderbird or setting up on your Apple product.

1) Start by clicking File in the top left corner.

Then select > Add Account.


2) Enter the Email address as. Select Advanced.

Let me set up my account manually.

Outlook email set up

3) Select POP or IMAP.

We recommend POP which downloads the emails to your device rather than leaving them on the server.

Outlook email set up

4) Set up page. Add server address i.e. add the ports (given to your by your host provider)

Incoming mail server: Select the server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS).

Outgoing mail server: Select from the drop down box Encryption method SSL/TLS.


Please note if you a are using a different version of Outlook please select AUTHENTICATE THE SERVER the emails will not work if this is not selected.

Email Set up on Outlook

5) If this does not work the first time delete everything and try again.

If the server fails to connect the first time, don’t worry, it sometimes happens but you will need to delete everything and start again from scratch.

Contact us if you require further assistance.