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Islandpreneurs up and running – website coming soon

Islandpreneurs Guernsey Business Networking Group

The Islandpreneurs is a Guernsey-based business networking group for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to form business relationships and continue to learn and grow with the support of other like-minded individuals.

What do Islandpreneurs do?

We meet every month at the Digital Greenhouse to discuss our business projects, share ideas and challenges, gain advice and information and motivate each other!

Benefits of joining us

We are a friendly and committed group of people who recognise the importance of gaining industry knowledge and local information from others to help grow our businesses.

We will be focusing on a topic each month that we want to learn more about i.e. Insurance, Social Media Ads, running Webinars.

More than just networking

Networking groups come in all different forms. I am from the UK so I have experience of four different networking groups with the main theme of ‘gaining referrals’.

My requirement from a networking group is to ‘gain knowledge’ and ‘form lasting business relationships with people I can trust’. I find this to be more beneficial to my business.

Referrals are naturally very important and will come from joining the Islandpreneurs, but gaining referrals will not be a requirement for our members.

Islandpreneurs looking for commitment

We are looking for new members to join us who are as committed as we are in taking this group forward.

Come along to our next meetup

Our next meeting is on 21st October 2016 so if you would like to come along then please contact us on [email protected]


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