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  • 01. How much does a website cost?

    The cost of a website vary’s depending on a number of factors such as: HTML or CMS system, features required, time of project, design elements. Our prices start at £350 for small websites but increase to £2000+ for larger websites and complexity.


    02. I’m new to this, how does the process work?

    Don’t worry we work with lots of newbies. We will work together to create a website that works for you and one you can manage. It’s a collaboration of our experience & your needs and preferences.


    03. How much do you charge for hosting?

    Our standing hosting fee is £10 per month or £120 per annum. Our hosting package includes unlimited emails, cPanel and Cloud hosting for extra speed and security protection. We use green host servers powered by renewable energy.


    04. What companies do you work with?

    We work with a broad range of companies and organisations such as Start Ups, non-profits, B2B, B2C in industries such as education, trade, travel, marketing, finance, training, arts and more.


    05. Do you offer training?

    Yes, training is included in the fee. We would like our customers to understand and manage their websites effectively or pass this task to us. Websites need to be managed and maintained regularly to be an effective business tool.


    06. What level of support do you offer?

    If you host your website with us we will be on hand anytime to answer your questions whether it be website related or a technical issue.


    07. Would you manage the website for us?

    Yes, for a small fee will ensure the site is updated frequently with new content, plug-ins are updated, themes and WordPress are kept up to date. The site will be backed up and monitored.


    08. Is SEO included?

    Basic SEO is included in our websites but we do recommend incorporating a blog for additional SEO and using advanced SEO features.


    09. How does the payment process work?

    The project starts with a 25% initial deposit. Once the website is complete and training has been provided an invoice will be presented for the remaining 75% payable in 14 days. Customers still have 30 days of help and edits from us once the site is completed.


    10. Why should we hire you?

    We care. We want every customers to be part of the process to ensure they get a product they love and a product that works for them. We listen to what you want, research and make recommendations. It is a partnership.

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