Digital Marketing is a term used to describe marketing on the internet, or online marketing. It encompasses everything you do online to engage with consumers.

Researching a new Digital Marketing Strategy for 2018 to gain and engage with new business has given me lots of ideas to take to customer consultations and incorporate in my training sessions.

1 – Data Driven Marketing

The Data Analysis of all marketing activity. There are more and more tools to use for capturing useful marketing data. Long gone are the days we published a website then hopefully anticipated our inbox swelling with new inquiries.

Competition is fierce so generating reports and capturing important data for analysis is critical.

Here is a list of Data Driven Marketing Tools.


2 – Prioritize Customer needs.

It is easy to get carried away with setting up as many social media accounts as you can, creating lots of create graphics in Canva and posting madly on Facebook but finding and retaining key clients by meeting their needs may mean a lot of work is unnecessary.


3 – Write blogs and articles for your website and others

Become an expert in your field and bring people to your website by writing good quality, useful blog posts about your business, your services and industry predictions and challenges.

Every article will contain keywords to that will bring visitors to your website.

You can also offer to write articles for other peoples websites as a guest writer.


4 – Grow SEO/organic presence for inbound marketing

On-page SEO is considered to be the most important factor of organic search and a priority for Marketing.



If there is one thing you can do to make your website more transparent then add SSL. Google will add points to your score card for having HTTPS enabled.


6 – Social Media interaction

When you identify what social media platform your customers are using, tailor articles and posts that they will enjoy. There is an 80/20 rule that 80% of the time the posts need to be fun and engaging with 20% of posts direct sales of your products.

Remember to always answer post comments, no-one likes to be ignored.

Great use of Hashtags will expand your reach to target audiences.


7 – Create and expand your email lists for campaigns

I am not personally a great lover of email marketing as I tend to get too much and end up not having time to read any of it. However, I have spoken to people and they get a good response when inviting people to attend events.

As long as you are sending out good quality, interesting email newsletters then reporting on the conversion rates then it is still an area to consider.

Make sure your email newsletters contains links back to your website.

Automated Email Marketing is also a trend that keeps growing.


8 – Regular SEO Auditing and SEO updating

As the business evolves and customers needs change the SEO may need tweeking and updating to meet those changes. It is a good idea to review and edit website SEO regularly to ensure those keywords are working for you, not hindering SEO progression.


9 – Mobile friendly

18% of local mobile searches lead to a sale in one day. Make sure all your online marketing looks amazing on a mobile device. If not, fix it.


10 – Voice search

Include voice search in SEO. Be in position zero i.e. “featured snippet” block that appears at the top of the search page. Content must be optimised for featured snippet blocks is important for voice search.



All Digital Marketing needs to be mobile friendly, that is a given. Make sure your visitors can view your website and and email newsletters on a their IPhones and Tablets. I have put this in the summary as this is so 2017, it is just a reminder that mobile is now mandatory, not an option.

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