Software and business resources for entrepreneurs

We are dedicating this page to help other small business owners and budding entrepreneurs to succeed and create quality online marketing. You will need the right tools for the job.

Cheap Web Hosting


Kualo is an excellent host service provider, fast quality hosting, great service and green energy

Kualo is an exceptional hosting service. The guys have always helped us with certain issues and the hosting service includes cPanel with lots of additional hosting options.

Kualo is affiliated with Ecosia so Kualo indirectly helps plants trees for carbon offsetting.

They hosting service uses renewable energy.


Themeforest is a great source for website themes for those just starting out.

Themeforest is the reason we started out in 2007, we discovered a host of prebuilt themes that we could work on and develop to create amazing websites at affordable prices.

Themeforest offers designers the foundations to build bespoke websites for our customers with ongoing support.

Prebuilt websites offer inbuilt functionality to suit certain projects i.e. inbuilt booking forms, inbuilt events facility and SEO.

All the developers offer licenses that include support and forums for support.



Canva is a super easy tool to create logo’s, business cards, social media content for your business.

We have been using Canva for many of our social media marketing projects and have designed customer business cards with Canva.

It is a great tool with free and pro options for projects that require more details.

Ninhj Forms

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms are highly effective forms for many uses including selling tickets, memberships and subscriptions, feedback forms and much more.

Ninja forms are used in many of our projects. They are light weight, easy to use and highly effective at taking online payments for events, membership and subscriptions.

Ninja integrates with Stripe to take debit and credit card payments and also has a recurring billing facility.

The layout and styles addition gives you great creative control over the columns, colours, fonts and more.



We use Cloudflare for our hosting for additional security, speed and caching.

There are lots of reasons why we happily promote Cloudflare as a service. The additional hosting functionality is Cloudflare offers is incredibly useful to ensuring websites are fast and effective.

Cloudflare has a great caching service, blocks malicious activity and hides the IP address of the host server.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery

The Best Premium WordPress Gallery Plugin

Envira Gallery is a highly adaptable image gallery, ideal for freelance photographers or wedding photographers to display and promote their photographs.

Websites are all about images, graphics and videos so this tool maybe all you need if you want to share images of products or your business.