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Volunteering as a Youth Mentor to coach teenagers to develop business management skills

The Young Enterprise programme aims to give every young person the skills and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

We give to wildlife and biodiversity projects.

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The charity is dedicated to rescuing animals and giving them a peaceful sancturary.


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Domestic Violence destroys lives and wrecks communities. Many men and women are experience violence and abuse in their own homes across the country every day with no way out.

Ringwood Actions for Climate Emergency

Climate activist group in Ringwood, Hampshire. Their aim is to engage with the local community to take action against climate change.

The provide really useful information about how things can be done better and facilitate lots of local community projects.

Our other projects and services

Retirement Matters

Retirement Matters is an online publication for the over 50’s. The website is owned and managed by us and we update the site with relevant content.

There are slots to advertise and we do publish articles for companies we feel represent out audience.

The site is for sale so contact us if you are interested.

Chilli Chilli Chilli

Chilli chilli Chilli is a blog for foodies. We will be posting articles, recipes and offers on all things spicy.

The concept for the website came from a visit to a Chilli Festival and found we could not purchase goods once we had left the festival.

I created a drop chilling website and contacted many chilli suppliers to sell their products for them. The site was working very well but is now a blog.

Superior Cruises

Superior Cruises is a website full of useful information about Cruise Holidays and Cruise offers including information about offers and discounts.

Niki Buskell - Teacher of English as Foreign Language

I recently completed a TEFL certificate in Teaching English as a foreign language. This is an educational website and will content lots of useful content for English Language Learners.