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Is your website dormant? Do you lack time to blog? When was the last time you updated the website with new content? Finding time to manage your website is a common problem but Google likes an ‘active website’ and visitors want current news about your business, not yesterdays print.

One way of capturing visitors interest when they land on your website is to have a Twitter or Facebook feed in full view on the home page. This lets visitors know you are still trading! and that they can converse with you or follow you on a different platform.

Many of you are busy on social media but this is not reflected on the website so if you have 500 followers on Facebook then shout about it!


Facebook Feed

One of my customers has been very successful on Facebook with great posts about her Balloon Service and online products. This endorsement is shown on the online store giving new customers a real sense of trust in this business. Having this feed into Facebook directs more visitors to the Facebook page gaining more and more followers who are potential customers.


Balloon Array Facebook Feed


Twitter Feed

Having a Twitter feed on your website lets people know you are still alive! I kid you not, some websites look as though they have been completely abandoned. The Tweets show last news and events and visitors can click through to Twitter to follower you.

Twitter Feed



If you are embarrassing Social Media then put it on your website. It should be a mandatory feature for all new website projects so make sure this is added to the list of features. Having an ‘online marketing package’ is website and social media integration.

If this is something you would like adding to your website we can do this for you.


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